Betray the Lin family?”

Hear this,People below,There was an instant commotion。
because,Why everyone can have today,This is all because of Chief Lin,This is what it is today。
did not expect,Someone wants to betray the Lin family。
See everyone commotion,The patriarch who never spoke,Finally speak。
“Be quiet。”
As soon as the sound comes out,Just four words。
scene,Quiet again。
housekeeper,See everyone calm down,Wave,Gesture to the person behind,Bring this betrayer out。
“let me go,If you don’t let me go,Then wait for Master Lin to be killed。”
“I tell you,I have arranged someone to kill Lin Shao。”
Lin Tian was kidnapped,That is the person who betrayed the Lin family this time,Tied up and dragged out,Still arrogant。
Snapped!The butler who heard this,Raise your hand and slap it over。
“The person you arranged to kill the young master,already dead。”
housekeeper,Very disdainful。