Another point,That’s why mobile phones have gradually become a real-name system in recent years。

The three major operators received each3RMB handling fee,Joint inspection,Anyone who logs in with a virtual number and is the sameIPexceed100Ticketed,Block all directly。
Of course,A ticket10Bucks,The price is too expensive。
But Yuzhou Satellite TV is very smart,They announced that in addition to a series of operating expenses,All the money is donated to the mountain people in Yuzhou,Build roads for them,Don’t keep a penny。
This makes people very angry。
Voted,Can support your favorite singer,Can contribute to charity,Not good?
This is with Shen Huan and the others,Put《life long love》After almost all the money for the album was donated,Hot discussion and appreciation across the country are the same。
In the past two years, Yuzhou Satellite TV has received a lot of attention and support from above,A large part of the reason is this annual donation。
Come back。
《Song god》The crew is too bad。
almost2Hours of game,There are two rounds in total,Did not pass the first round,There is a second round chance,Decide whether they will advance or generally to be determined。
The Returning Band is the last one in the first round,It makes the audience a little impatient。