So after knowing that Shen Huan would come,Zhu Mei didn’t come to stay with me this morning,Didn’t come until the afternoon was over。

After listening to Yang Shu’s story of the whole trial,Zhu Mei nodded slightly。
15Years are certainly longer,But according to Shen Huan’s idea, it’s also right,Just behave well,Commutation is affirmative,This is also the norm。
Then she smiled:“Then just right,I also give you a good news。Xiaoshu’s contract is basically negotiated,Pay is1000Ten thousand,Although not a lot,But this time it’s a supporting role,So not bad!”
Yang Shu was overjoyed,“Thanks godmother!”
Even Gu Shuiyao has a slight smile on her face。
100010,000 relative to the huge debt of more than 100 million,Definitely not enough,But this is a good start。
Since such a long time,The best news they two mother and daughter have heard。
It’s been more than a year since Yang Shu made a movie and became famous,Gu Shuiyao understands how fame can be realized。
Once a celebrity’s reputation is big enough,Then the income of the job,It’s nothing at all。
They can advertise、Endorsement、Doing business shows and so on,Don’t have to work hard,There are tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of rewards。
For example, Yang Shu,From last year to this year,,Advertising revenue1Billions,It’s more than the first movie queen Dong Shu earns。
And Chen Hao,Chen Hao, who just regained the top spot in the domestic box office,Received an advertisement from a TV manufacturer,Be their spokesperson for three years,price is1Billion RMB!!
Of course,The most exaggerated is Shen Huan,Just played basketball for two months,As a result, Adidas gave him a lifelong advertising endorsement,At least stable income30More than RMB!!!
My daughter is definitely not as famous as these two,But as far as the child star is concerned,Even if there is no work for a year,Yang Shu is also the first。
《Gift in Room 7》’S books are still selling、There have always been rumors of being adapted into a TV series,My daughter’s various advertisements are still on the air,Many products on the streets,I can see Yang Shu、Ads by Yang Shu and Guo Hang。
If you add it to be known as“Another national”of《Xiao Ba’s Story》,Then don’t say you can be more famous,Even if it’s a difference of 20-30%,Yang Shu’s income next year will not be too low。
There are at least 30-50 million advertising endorsements。