Dzogchen,Even in the late stage,Are all killed。”

Although Tianji is not an opponent of Qi refining,,But there are strong people with the same qi refining delay。
Heavenly,Less talk,Can also fight the opponent for several rounds。
While in battle,Every time I am forced by this refining pressure,Comprehension。
This,For all days,Is an opportunity。
everyone,How can you miss it?
“I,I am going to break through。”
One,An unknown disciple of Dzogchen。
Suddenly yelled,then,Heaven,Thunder Tribulation。
Xuan Tianzong,Because there are many reasons for refining qi,and so,Dzogchen,Basically unknown。
“I,I have to break through。”
all of a sudden,Died so much refining,The aura of returning to nature,Don’t know how much more。
Got the first,moment,There will be a second one。
Heaven,There was a thunder robbery。