On this stone,There are a few natural words,Enlightenment stone。

Except this one,What you can see,This one,Intact stone。
“There is a place there,Let’s go to that place。”
After Gong Xing brought Lin Yu,,Watch around。
When seeing,Distant location,There are just two positions left。
Even think about it,Just rushed over。
I’m afraid to be late,Like being robbed of your position。
“senior,You are in this position。”
“I’m by your side。”
After Gong Xing came to the position he found,Pointed,One and the feeling stone,A closer place to Lin Yu。
Hear the words of Gong Xing,Lin Yu is naturally rude,I sat down where the bow star pointed。
“Get out。”
“Don’t you guys know,This position,Was it your little master that I discovered first??”
Lin Yu,Just sat down。