estimate,I just left the next day,Someone came to attack this formation,I want to protect the power of this energy,To absorb。

I don’t know how long it’s been arranged,until,Lin Yu’s body strength,All hollowed out,This big energy shield,This was successfully arranged。
then,There is no Lin family different from ordinary places。
suddenly,Aura becomes extremely strong。
“One more formation。”
Sensed,Lin Family’s Aura,Become thicker。
Lin Yu,Take out a few pieces from the body,The bodhi leaf I picked last time,Put in one’s mouth。
Just put in,Lin Yu’s body was hollowed out,Instantly restored the original strength。
Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Two Restore strength
but,Just regained strength。
Don’t wait for Lin Yu,Continue to line up。
A voice,From behind Lin Yu。
“It turns out that this aura,Came from here。”
Voice falls,A person,Follow along。