“Nine-character mantra,blockade。”

See the other party want to run,Lin Yu,But won’t give each other a chance。
direct,The surrounding space,Directly blocked。
boom!The Zhong family who is ready to escape Jin Chan,It directly hit the blocked space。
people,Fly back in an instant。
“Die to me。”
Lin Yu,Seeing the opponent bounced back。
direct,Just a sword。
“what”Zhong family strong,Found myself unable to run。
Just ready to do it,Welcome Lin Yu’s attack on himself。
unfortunately,Still a bit late。
Lin Yu became a long sword,I directly hit the strong man in the Zhong family。
A scream sounded,The strong of the Zhong family,split into two。
but,It’s just the body being killed。
The strong in the mid-refining period,There is a soul。
After breaking the body of the Zhong family,Lin Yu shot again。
“Want to run,Do you think you can run?”
If you let the other’s soul run away,Then,As long as he finds his physical body,You can take that person away,Reborn。