“Thank you for your trust,Then I won’t delay the rest of the two today。Professor Gao、President Wang,Goodbye!”

Wu Guoqiang stood up,The right hand lifted subconsciously,Then changed to extend,Turned into a handshake pose。
“Goodbye, President Wu!”
The two sent Wu Guoqiang out of the laboratory,After returning to the office,The atmosphere instantly became a lot more casual。
“Tea or coffee?”
“no need,Teacher Gao。”
Although the other brothers and sisters in the laboratory prefer to call Gao Deyuan the boss,But Wang Yufei is still used to calling Gao Deyuan a teacher,Or professor。
Of course no one will deliberately correct him。
“This black rabbit security……”
Gao Deyuan is still finishing the wording,Wang Yufei has found the security situation of Black Rabbit with his mobile phone。
“A new security company,Was just registered today,The legal person is just the President Wu。”