“Really,Uncle,I just received a message from the project team,Even their staff packed up their things and left。”Huang Zhixuan said with a sad face。

Liu Dong sat down on the chair。
He seems to be stabbed now,A feeling of heartbreak。
ten minutes later。
He got the news。
It’s Lu Ban from Luo Yugang。
More than a dozen entertainment companies decided at the same time,Stop with Starlight Entertainment,It’s just that I didn’t say that,The argument on the bright side is that the project has an accident。
By accident!
Liu Dong has an urge to smash the computer,The contract stored in the computer is a piece of fucking waste paper,Because those companies are strong,So when the contract is signed, there are unequal clauses。
Liu Dong didn’t even think that the other party would withdraw the capital without giving face.。
Luban’s Song,There will be such a big energy?
If he knows that Lu Ban’s songs have been evaluated by each entertainment company,There will be no such doubts。
The conclusion of the assessment is:These songs are enough to make a stagnant first-line superstar go one step further。
To the level of a superstar,It’s hard to take a small step forward。
What’s more, Lu Ban can do it with just one song,These entertainment companies are not fools,They naturally have sources know that Lu Ban sold more than a dozen songs at once。
In their eyes。
Luban at this time,Definitely a talented——God of Wealth。