under these circumstances,When she went to school with a strange and handsome boy,When this scene falls in the eyes of others, it has become a very hot gossip topic。

“Look at!Isn’t that a Maori classmate??Who is the boy next to her?so hot!”
“Really handsome,But that doesn’t seem to be Kudo-kun?I remember Maori and Kudo were childhood sweethearts?”
“It’s a childhood sweetheart,But they don’t seem to be dating,and so……That boy is actually the boyfriend of the Maori classmate?”
“do not know,But the relationship is definitely not ordinary,so good,I also really want to have a handsome boyfriend like Maori。”
“hateful!Did classmate Maori have a boyfriend??I knew that,I’ll confess first!”
“wake up,You don’t have a handsome guy as handsome,Even to confess,Will definitely fail。”
“damn it!You still not my friend?I’ll fight with you!”
Dialogue like this,It quickly spread among the students of Didan High School。
I guess Linn didn’t even think of it,He just wants to go to school with Xiaolan to get closer,He became a celebrity in the school in a short time。
But even if I know,I think he doesn’t care.。
Or,If this gossip rumors can achieve the established facts between him and Xiaolan,Then he would be more grateful。
As for Xiaolan’s childhood sweetheart,Kudo Shinichi as the actor in the original plot……
Anyway, he will become Edogawa Conan sooner or later,And don’t know when it will recover。
Rather than let Xiaolan cry because of his worries,So why not let Lin En take good care of Xiaolan?!
after all……